“Samsung” is preparing to launch “Galaxy Zfold 3” during August

Samsung entered the foldable device market early.


Samsung is currently preparing to introduce new concepts for “foldable and sliding” screens, with its next generation of this type of mobile phone “Galaxy Zfold 3”, including the “multi-fold” mobile phone screen, during the month of August, This is according to a report published by Gadgets.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is expected to have a 7.6-inch primary (internal) screen and a 6.2-inch secondary (external) screen. The foldable 17-inch tablet is the size of a tablet, which can act as a monitor when opened.

The company also offers a more traditional looking laptop screen that doesn't fold or fold, but does include a camera under the screen, which it hopes will be better than its last one.

Samsung entered the foldable device market early.

It may soon have more innovations in this area.

The company says it will bring one of its innovations to market this year.

It is scheduled to showcase its next-generation foldable devices at one of its promotional events on August 11, 2021. The new Galaxy Unpacked promotion will feature a glimpse of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Zfold 3 phone. The phone is likely to continue the same foldable design pattern that resembles a book. The company confirmed that it will not unveil the new Galaxy Note phone during the "Galaxy Unpacked" event, and instead will launch its third-generation foldable phones called "Galaxy ZFold" and "Galaxy Z Flip" in the market.

The new Galaxy Unpacked promotion starts in August 2021, with Samsung offering old phones, feature phones, clamshell design phones, and other old QWERTY keypad phones that were popular from Before. The phone is expected to come with two optional versions of the S Pro stylus, with a 120Hz refresh rate, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB and 256GB storage options.