End of the game for Jean-Paul Carpentier.

The swindler expert in identity theft, accustomed to the courts, will face justice again Thursday in Gap, in the Hautes-Alpes.

Back on the journey of a man who did not hesitate to rip off elderly women to finance his incredible lifestyle.

He is known as "the crook of a thousand faces".

Jean-Paul Carpentier will be tried again Thursday afternoon at the correctional court of Gap, in the Hautes-Alpes.

At 72, he's used to courts and scams.

In particular, he has already passed himself off as Prince Albert of Monaco.

The man is on trial for fraud, breach of trust and identity theft.

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His first conviction for fraud dates back to 1991, just 30 years ago.

He has never stopped since.

Its preferred target: mature, wealthy and lonely women.

His specialty: alliances and financial arrangements.

Jean-Paul Carpentier sometimes borrows the signature of Albert of Monaco to cash in on the status of Monegasque resident.

Sometimes, he passes himself off as a certain Sehan Mulliez, a close relative of the Mulliez family, of the Auchan group.

The man also usurps the identity of renowned lawyers.

Trapped at the start of the year

The operating mode is always the same.

Jean-Paul Carpentier seduces his victims in order to finance his lifestyle while making them dangle the jackpot thanks to operations mounted from scratch.

The talk and the scams are well established.

False CV, email address, telephone number, letter of intent, certificate of authenticity, false legal statutes and hijacked organization chart, nothing is left to chance.

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At the start of the year, Jean-Paul Carpentier, who was under an arrest warrant, sought to acquire a fort Vauban in Briançon for several tens of millions of euros.

A real estate agent sensed the scam and reported it to the police.