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spread of the corona virus is not slowing down, the Ministry of Education is contemplating what to do with the academic schedule for the second semester. The position that there is no change in the full school attendance policy so far has been decided to make a final decision in the second week of August after collecting more opinions from experts.

By Song In-ho.


Yoo Eun-hye, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, holds an advisory meeting with infectious disease experts today (30th) regarding the operation of the 2nd semester undergraduate school.

This is to listen to the advice of infectious disease experts in consideration of the possibility that the fourth wave of Corona will continue until the beginning of the second semester in mid-August.

The Ministry of Education said that there is still no change in the policy of returning to school for the second semester.

However, while monitoring the progress of the confirmed cases, we have decided to compile and announce the academic operating schedule, including full school attendance for the second semester, by the second week of August.

[Yueunhye / Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education: Diseases Agency or Defense authorities to converge the predicted and these things comprehensively opinion about the diagnosis and the trend since about several current situation of the experts (we will decide)

National Student diagnosed party number last month The variable is that it has increased from 1,800 to 3,200 this month.

This is because, as the school attendance standards are linked to social distancing, policy changes are inevitable if the spread does not subside.

A plan was also announced to fill the educational deficit caused by the prolonged COVID-19.

By next year, 800 billion won will be invested to promote small-scale customized tutoring classes for 1.78 million students with academic deficits.

Tuition is completely free of charge, such as one-on-one or small classes of 5 or less teachers provide intensive instruction after school or during vacation.

The Ministry of Education also decided to invest 3 trillion won by 2024 to reduce overcrowded classes with more than 28 students.