Apple invites iPhone, iPad and Mac users to update their devices, reports the specialist site



This announcement comes a few days after the Pegasus affair, which revealed that the brand's devices were not so well secured.

Influential political figures have even been monitored, like Emmanuel Macron, but also journalists and activists.

Since the spread of this scandal, a security patch has been added to the latest macOS 11.5.1 and iOS / iPadOS 14.7.1 software updates.

Apple did not say whether this patch was a direct response to this matter, however.

Flaws that can be exploited without action by the victim

This weakness in the security system was spotted a few months ago by a security researcher.

The patch also makes it possible to correct a bug in the unlocking of Apple Watch, also relates the specialized site.

Amnesty's security lab also found that previously unrecognized flaws could be exploited on some Apple devices, without any victim action being taken first.


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