A nerve war is taking place in front of the bookstore as a mural slandering Kim Kun-hee, the wife of former Attorney General Yoon Seok-yeol, has appeared on the exterior wall of a second-hand bookstore in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Conservative YouTubers covered the murals with vehicles and protested, and pro-female citizens even visited bookstores to support them, saying, "Be strong."

On the side of a used bookstore building in Gwancheol-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, along with the words 'Julie's Men' and a picture of a woman's face that looks like Kim's face, 'Julie's Dream! The first lady's dream!' was posted on a mural.

'Julie' is a nickname for Kim in the so-called 'Yun Seok-Yeol X-Files', and it is the stage name that Kim used when working at an entertainment establishment in Gangnam.

The murals are each painted on six connected iron plates and fill the side of the building.

The first mural that read 'Julie's Men' reads '2000 Doctor Who, 2005 Chairman Cho, 2006 Public Prosecutor 2006, Yang Prosecutor, 2007 BM Representative, 2008 Announcer Kim, 2009 Prosecutor Yoon Seobang'.

According to a bookstore employee, the two-story bookstore opened at the end of April this year, and the mural was painted about two weeks ago.

Even after the mural was completed, it did not attract much attention, but a bookstore employee said that people have been flocking to it since yesterday (28th) as it has recently received attention.

This employee said, "The boss was trying to paint a picture to change the atmosphere of the goal brightly because this street is dark at night and it is a crime area." "I think it will be about 20m wide and 2.2m long."

The bookstore, which was quiet due to the controversy over the 'Julie mural', has been in a commotion as right-wing YouTubers have flocked to it since yesterday.

Even before the opening of the bookstore, at 8:30 am today, right-wing YouTubers parked three cars side by side in front of the mural early, covered the paintings, and played songs such as 'Monkey Magic' with a loudspeaker.

A man who was broadcasting through a loudspeaker said, "I don't want to see the picture, so I've been blocking it with my car since yesterday."

Bookstores have also been flooded with calls to protest against the murals since early morning.

A bookstore employee said, "As the president installed the mural to express individual freedom, he is in a position not to respond to people who come in front of them and express different opinions," said a bookstore employee.

Pro-female citizens also followed.

A man who visited the bookstore today said, "I came here deliberately to cheer up after hearing the news of the mural. The boss is a really great person." He said, "What should I do because I'm making a fuss outside?"

There was no clash between bookstore employees and YouTubers, but this morning, as cars blocked the way to the parking lot, a complaint was received from a nearby building complaining of inconvenience.

The police are guarding the vicinity of the scene in case of an emergency. 

(Photo = Yonhap News)