These days, messenger phishing, which impersonates family or friends and asks to send money, is extreme.

Last April, a woman in her 40s received a text message from her daughter saying, 'My phone screen was broken, so I left it for repair, but the repair cost is urgent'.

Mr. A downloaded the app by pressing the link address in the text to pay for the repair cost without any doubt, and handed over the ID photo and account password as requested by his daughter.

However, the text was sent by the messenger phishing crew, not the daughter. The messenger phishing crew remotely controlled Mr. A's cell phone through an app, and then easily transferred 30 million won from the account to their cannon bankbook.

It is known that about 470 million won was stolen from 12 people in two months from April in this way. After analyzing the account, the police identified and arrested the cash withdrawal method, including the domestic general manager and the currency exchange book. The people were caught one after the other.

A police official urged that if a family member or acquaintance sends a text message asking for repair costs, be sure to call and check it.