As the spread of Corona 19 in Korea is getting stronger, the number of new confirmed cases today (28th) approached 1,900, breaking the record again in 6 days.

The Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters announced that as of 00:00 today, there were 1,896 new confirmed cases, bringing the total to 193,427.

This is an increase of 531 people compared to yesterday (1,365 people).

This is the highest number in over a year and six months since the COVID-19 outbreak in Korea.

As of 00:00 on the 22nd, which was the previous record, there were 54 more than 1,842 people.

At that time, there was an aspect that the total number of confirmed cases increased as 270 confirmed cases of Cheonghae unit members were reflected as overseas inflow cases.

Looking at the flow of patients so far, due to the decrease in the number of tests on weekends and holidays, the number of confirmed cases is somewhat low until the beginning of the week, but it shows a tendency to increase from Wednesday, the starting point in the middle. This pattern was repeated this time as well.

The route of infection of today's new confirmed cases is 1,823 locally and 73 from overseas.

The number of local confirmed cases rose to the 1,800 level for the first time, surpassing the previous record (1,725 ​​on the 21st).

The 4th pandemic, which started in earnest in the metropolitan area this month, has recently spread to all parts of the non-metropolitan area and is becoming national.

The number of daily confirmed cases has been in the four digits since the 7th (1,212 people) for the 22nd day.

From the 22nd of this month to today, 1,842 → 1,630 → 1,629 → 1,487 → 1,318 → 1,365 → 1,896 by day , and it fluctuated between 1,300 and 1,800 people.