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controversy over censorship has

once again plagued Facebook and its products. In this case, it was the turn of Instagram, which, after launching

the "sensitive content control" function

a week ago

, faces a wave of complaints from users of the social network describing this phenomenon as "censorship ".

Sensitive content control is a configuration option that -

in theory - allows the user to decide how much "sensitive content" he wants to see in the Explore section


Thus, you now have the option of leaving the default setting (Limit), view more (Allow) or view less (Limit it more) amount of content that

Instagram algorithms may consider as "delicate"


As examples of "

sensitive content

", Instagram briefly mentions that it is that which "

could be sexually suggestive or violent

" or that "

could be about drugs and firearms


"Instagram is limiting the content you see in our newsfeed based on what

they consider inappropriate or sensitive, such as weapons, capitalism

, etc," reports an account with more than 25,000 followers on the social network.


these three options are not available to all Instagram users

and, in some cases, users will only find the "Limit" (the default) and "limit more" options.

Without the possibility of choosing the option to allow / see more so that Instagram works as before

the implementation of this change.

These filters on sensitive content act on the recommendations that appear in the Explore section.

And some users of the platform have complained that this new tool

is severely limiting the visibility of their content.

Most of the complaints

come from professionals who use Instagram as a work tool


These are artists, merchants or influencers who are alerting their followers of the limitation through the publications that appear in the 'feed' and in the Stories, according to the North American media The Verge.

In addition, after reporting the situation, users have provided

instructions to their followers

so that they can configure Instagram in a way that does not affect them.


an Instagram spokesperson

has assured in statements to The Verge that

creators should not worry about these new filters

, since previously the application already limited by default the amount of potentially sensitive content that is shown in Explore, and that with With the new options, users can decide to see more or less content of this type with respect to that configuration.

These filters, remember from Instagram, have no impact on the content that appears in the 'feed' or in the Stories, where the platform will continue to show the content of the accounts that it follows, said the spokesperson, who has also suggested It

may be the situation that some users who choose to lower the limitation suddenly see more sensitive content than they were used to finding in Explore


The platform allows potentially sensitive content, since

it is not illegal content according to the platform's guidelines

, but it has limitations in the recommendations since they understand that it may cause some harm to some users.

How to remove sensitive content control from Instagram

Those users who want to remove the sensitive filter from Instagram should follow these simple instructions.


Instagram does not offer the ability to remove it to all users


First, they must

go to their Instagram profile

and click on the icon of the

three horizontal parallel lines


Next, they must select the




Then, they must click on the



and select the option to

"limit sensitive content



At this point a menu will appear with

two or three options

(depending on the user).

In some cases, only the "Limit" and "Limit further" options will be available.

If you are one of those users, unfortunately you will not be able to remove the sensitive content control from Instagram


However, if in addition to these options

one of "allow" appears

, you must select it to disable the control of sensitive content.

In doing so, Instagram warns users: "You

could see more photos or videos that may be annoying or offensive


According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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