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A beach, a group made up of families and couples who did not know each other previously and a feeling that

time passes quickly.

Very fast.

On these elements, M. Night Shyamalan has built


(released in theaters July 30), an intrigue and science fiction film in which

Gael García Bernal

(Guadalajara, Mexico, 1978) has a very prominent role.

Gael García Bernal talks with Shyamalan during the filming of 'Tiempo'.

"As soon as I read

the script, it gave me a philosophical concern

and I felt a strong curiosity to see how the challenge was going to be approached from a technical point of view," says the actor.

"What would happen if time passed faster than normal?" Asks Gael García Bernal, who smiles when he says "

luckily I have never had a watch, like almost all actors, so time sometimes passes me quickly or slow depending on the moment. "


A question that haunts the head of a group of tourists who spend a day on a

beach isolated from everything


The suspicion that everything is accelerating soon becomes real when

physical changes that would take years take place in a matter of hours ... or minutes.

What's going on?

Do the people in charge of the tourist resort where all the beach visitors signed up know something?

That's how exciting


starting point is


In addition to García Bernal, the cast includes Vicky Krieps, Rufus Sewell, Abbey Lee and Alex Wolff.

The movie is full of mysterious moments.

The pandemic fully affected the filming.

It was in the Dominican Republic and there, as the Mexican actor explains,

"we remained isolated for three months with great care to be able to finish filming."

When referring to these circumstances, the actor from the

Motorcycle Diaries




Mozart in the Jungle

mentioned how "only when time passes, in the future, we will be able to better see that moment of bewilderment that all the members of the


team go through.



Thanks to



, Gael García Bernal reflects on transcendence.

"It is a very complex subject since it would go a long way. There is a basic part that has to do with the hope of making a film that, through a creative frenzy, makes us have fun and generates many questions. With that

you get an experience that it is capable of generating something in the viewer.

And that it gives things many turns. I hope that the cinema is that space of the resistance of the human ".

On the beach of 'Tiempo' everything happens faster than normal.

That said, the interpreter continues his reflection: "But, if I start to think more about the future,



hope that films become reference points for certain moments of Humanity.

I like that, because I feel that what I do is worth worth it. It can accompany or generate something.

In these difficult moments, what matters is what we want or who we want. And even how we let ourselves be loved. "

With a group of people who must react to what happens on the beach and demand quick responses, it is not difficult to make a comparison between what happens on the screen (that is, in fiction) and what a democracy would be in reality imperfect.

Gael picks up the idea: "the dynamic that is established on the beach between all the characters could thus be understood.

Shyamalan has created a metaphysical thriller

or where something similar to what happened in

Luis Buñuel's

The Exterminating Angel


. In that film, as in this one, the premise is 'what would happen if a group of people couldn't get out of a place and we wouldn't understand why?' It reminds me of classical theater and it's a fantastic premise. "

The wife (Vicky Krieps) and the daughter (Thomasin McKenzie) of Gael García Bernal's character.


Regarding the doubts that the character of Gael García Bernal presents in


, the actor explains that it seems to him that he is not always clear about things in life.

"As men, now we value the vulnerable person much more than doubt themselves.

There was a time when men could not doubt

. That you had to reach a certain perfection. And that introspection is fantastic.

I belong to a generation that values we ask things a lot ".

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