Facebook is changing the policy for young people on its platforms Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

Data from teenagers under the age of eighteen is better shielded, so that advertisers can target their advertisements less specifically at that target group.

In a blog post, Facebook writes that advertisers will soon only be able to organize their target groups based on age, gender and location.

Previously, they had many more options for this.

This allowed them to see which websites and apps the teenagers use even more and what their interests are.

Nothing changes for adult users.

Facebook says it believes in personalized ads, but also offers options for people who do not want to be targeted by advertisers.

They can let you know via the settings.

Conversations with youth lawyers would have shown that young people do not always make well-considered choices, which is why Facebook is adjusting the policy for them.

When the users turn eighteen, they still get the choice to enable targeted ads.

On Instagram, accounts of people under eighteen will be set to private by default when registering.

Other persons must then submit a follow request.

According to Facebook, this should ensure that young people do not just come into contact with adults with whom they do not want contact.

With a private account, only people who follow you can view photos, videos, and Stories.

Also, only they can respond.

Teenagers who prefer to have a public profile can still change that.

In addition, all users under eighteen with a public account will soon see a notification.

It lists the benefits of a private account and explains how to set this option.