The anti-terror platform Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) is going to add significantly more far-right content to its database,


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With this, the organization, of which Facebook and Microsoft are also members, hopes to be able to better identify and combat the presence of extreme right-wing groups on online platforms.

The GIFCT's database includes videos and images of terrorist groups listed by the United Nations.

Currently, the database mainly consists of content from extremist Islamist organizations such as IS, Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

In the coming months, the group will add manifestos by far-right terrorists, which are often distributed online by sympathizers.

GIFTC will use lists from the Five Eyes intelligence group to supplement the database.

In addition, Twitter, Google and Facebook are adding content that they have removed from their platforms themselves.

Fourteen tech companies, including Reddit, Snapchat owner Snap and Airbnb, currently have access to the database.

GIFCT was founded in 2017 in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels. The group has been criticized by digital activists, who are concerned about censorship.