The High Commissioner's Crime Investigation Office (Public Investigation Department) will summon Cho Hee-yeon, Superintendent of Superintendent of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Cho Hee-yeon, who is accused of unfair special hiring of dismissed teachers, as a suspect tomorrow (27th).

The Ministry of Air Transport said, "We plan to summon Superintendent Jo Hee-yeon at 9 am tomorrow for investigation," and "according to the reporting rules, we will disclose the time of summoning with the consent of Superintendent Cho."

Superintendent Cho Hee-yeon is accused of instructing the special hiring of five dismissed teachers, including former teaching assistants, in 2018, excluding the assistant superintendent, etc., or having the chief of staff unfairly participate in the selection of judges.

Legally, he is charged with obstructing the exercise of the right to abuse of power and violating the State Public Officials Act.

The 2nd Investigation Division (Prosecutor Kim Seong-moon) of the Ministry of Airborne Affairs booked Superintendent of Education Cho Hee-yeon on this charge on April 28.

This is the first direct investigation since the establishment of the Airborne Service, and it is a subpoena and investigation within 90 days after assigning a case number to 'Exemption No. 1'.

(Photo = provided by Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, Yonhap News)