Stay informed about the latest travel advice with the Reisapp and learn about history with Historico.

These are the apps of the week.

travel app

If you are going on holiday abroad, it is useful to install the Travel app.

This app from the national government bundles all information about travel advice regarding the corona virus.

The notifications have been improved via an update in the past week.

You can set different countries as favourites.

As soon as the travel advice of these countries changes, you will receive a notification, for example if you suddenly have to take a corona test before entering the country.

You will also see information about customs rules and information about embassies for each country.

In the app you can also find information about emergency assistance abroad, with specific information about what to do if you have lost your passport or are arrested.

You can also convert currencies in the app.

Download Travel App for Android or iOS (free).


There is a lot to learn about history, but how do you keep the entire history manageable?

The Historico app tackles it day by day.

Every day you can see in the app which important events have taken place on this day in previous years.

The facts are divided into different categories.

The most important events on that day are at the top.

Then you see who was born on this day, but also who died on this day.

In addition, you see important holidays.

The main screen of the app shows the most important events and people, but by category you can click through to see a long list of all events.

If you want to see more, you can also time travel via the calendar by choosing another day.

Nice if you want to see what happened on your birthday, for example.

Download Historico for iOS (free).

Alto's Odyssey: The Lost City

In addition to new games, Apple now also offers classics on the Apple Arcade subscription service.

Usually this concerns Plus versions of games that you can also buy in the App Store, but without ads and without in-app purchases.

With the popular game Alto's Odyssey, the makers have taken it a bit bigger.

Alto's Odyssey: The Lost City is now available on Apple Arcade with parts not found in the original game.

In the original game, you slide across sands and perform tricks while dodging various hazards.

If you make a mistake you have to start over, but with practice and unlocking upgrades you will get further and further.

In this new version there is a new environment to discover and new challenges to achieve.

If you already had the original game, you don't have to start over.

You just take all the progress with you.

Download Alto's Odyssey for iOS (Apple Arcade subscription required).


Trailer: Alto's Odyssey on Apple Arcade

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