A brother in his 50s was found dead in a villa in Incheon, and the police launched an investigation.

Today (24th) around 8:20 am, 59-year-old A and his younger brother, 56-year-old B, were found dead in a villa in Samsan-dong, Incheon.

The fire department received a report from Brother A's brother and sister saying, "My brother has not been contacted and there is no sign of popularity in the house."

Traces of strangulation were found in Person A, and there were marks as if stabbed in the body of Mr. B.

The police in charge of the case said, "Currently, there seems to be no sign of outside intrusion other than Brother A, but we are investigating with several possibilities open."

Police are conducting an on-site investigation to determine the cause of their death.

(Photo = Yonhap News)