Three police officers were in action in Toulouse when a woman sprayed them with a toxic substance.

The latter was arrested and taken into police custody a few hours after the incident.

One of the crew members hit in the face was hospitalized and analyzes of the toxic substance will be carried out.

A police crew was attacked during an intervention on the public highway in Toulouse, on the night of Thursday to Friday, around 4 am.

The three police officers were about to embark a man arrested in connection with a family dispute, when a woman sprayed them with a toxic substance, according to information from Europe 1.

Two of them were shot in the arm and a policewoman, shot in the face, had to be hospitalized.

The woman suspected of the assault was arrested two hours later and taken into police custody.

The bottle she used was seized for analysis.

The motivations for his gesture remain unknown for the time being.