A new brand of smartphones has just appeared, the Freedom Phone.

Supported by self-proclaimed “youngest bitcoin billionaire” Erik Finman, the Freedom Phone project relies on respect for the privacy of its users and freedom of expression to attract buyers.

Unlike other smartphones, the Freedom Phone runs on an anti-censorship OS, FreedomOS, a "house" mix of several operating systems (AOSP, LineageOS and GrapheneOS) and only ships preinstalled applications in favor of privacy or security. freedom of expression such as DuckDuckGo, Rumble or the very controversial Parler.

It is also question that no application is ever banned from its dedicated store, the PatriApp Store.

Big Tech applications are therefore fully downloadable on the Freedom Phone, despite the phone designer 's criticisms of Facebook, Twitter and companies.

Users will be able to have full control over their data and manage the treatment reserved for them thanks to the Trust tool.

Finally, Erik Finman ensures that users will never be spied on or tracked on their travels.

Rather tempting promises on paper, but when you look more closely, you realize that the communication around the Freedom Phone shows a very pro-Trump political inclination.

“Not just making America great.

But also making a great phone ”thus indicates the site, referring directly to the slogan of Donald Trump during his presidential campaign in 2016.

In his presentation video, Erik Finman also directly attacks social networks that have banned the former US president;

"No one elected Mark [Zuckerberg] or Jack [Dorsey] to be the arbiter of truth in the United States and they still thought it was okay to ban a sitting president on their platforms."

Unknown performance

The extensive communication around the Freedom Phone and its very libertarian policy and supposedly respectful of the privacy of users would almost make you forget the absence of essential information for consumers: the technical sheet of the device.

Apart from a few lines, not much is known about the technical characteristics of the smartphone.

This one has a lot of storage space - how much capacity?

-, a 6 inch screen - what type of screen?

-, of a "good" camera - how many sensors?

What capacity?

- and would be "fast", despite the fact that it is "affordable".

It's hard to imagine that customers can afford such a smartphone sold for 499 dollars (422 euros) without knowing its performance, simply based on pro-freedom of expression marketing.

A smartphone made in China

The lack of communication about what is in the bowels of the smartphone has prompted several people to investigate its origins.

According to The Daily Beast, the Freedom Phone is actually a modified version of the Umidigi A9 Pro, a Chinese smartphone that sells for $ 120.

Erik Finman confirmed that Chinese technology company Umidigi was the maker of the Freedom Phone, without specifying the model.

The businessman nevertheless indicated that his phone benefited from personalized materials and improved memory, without giving more details.

The fact that its designer turned to a Chinese company to develop its patriotic smartphone is a bit surprising all the same ...


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