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government has extended the 4th level of social distancing in the metropolitan area by two more weeks.

The number of confirmed cases is exceeding 1,000 every day, and there are concerns that it will take more time to reach the peak of the 4th pandemic.

There are a few things that change among the quarantine rules, and reporter Nam Joo-hyun will tell you the details.


For two weeks from Monday of next week to the 8th of next month, a slightly more strengthened level 4 is applied to the metropolitan area.

Currently, matches that require a minimum number of people, such as futsal and baseball, are allowed as exceptions for private gatherings, but we decided to remove the exception from next week.

It was practically impossible to play team games.

In addition to indoor sports facilities such as gyms, shower rooms cannot be used in outdoor sports facilities such as golf courses.

Accommodation is also prohibited for workshops and meetings necessary for public affairs or corporate management, and only prior reservations can enter the exhibition.

This is a measure to prevent large numbers of people from gathering in different areas.

We also decided to actively review measures that require QR codes or entry lists in large distribution stores such as department stores and marts where large-scale group infections have recently occurred.

However, weddings and funerals, which allowed up to 49 people only for relatives, remained the same, but acquaintances were also allowed to attend.

The spread of the metropolitan area has slowed somewhat recently, but the reason for the extension of the distance is that it is not a marked decline.

The government's goal is to lower the number of cases in the metropolitan area from 500 to 1,000, the 3rd stage standard, over the next two weeks.

[Win one / central disaster safety measures headquarters first Officer: If you do not achieve this goal, we will review the more powerful defenses strengthened measures and strengthened set of prohibited and operation time limit for the facility -

Defense strengthening measures for non-metropolitan areas are the municipalities It will be announced next Sunday after discussion with the

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