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additional coronavirus cases was around 1,600. Growth in the metropolitan area has slowed somewhat, but I am more concerned about the provinces. So, Busan is considering raising the distance to Level 4, the highest level, and Gangwon has an urgent need to secure a bed as the number of patients is rapidly increasing.

Reporter Park Soo-jin.

<Reporter> It

is a public bath in Dongnae-gu, Busan.

After the first confirmed case on the 19th, 42 people including customers and staff were infected.

The number of confirmed cases may increase further as there are only 2,500 people who have been in contact with the public bath at the same time as the confirmed case.

The number of confirmed cases in Busan has been in the 100s for the third day, breaking new highs every day.

The city of Busan is also considering a level 4 upgrade.

[Lee So-ra / Director of Busan City Citizen's Prevention Promotion Team: The 4th stage upgrade part is still in discussion with the city itself and with the main



14 employees were confirmed at a large resort in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do, starting tomorrow (24th) We conduct a total inspection of all 700 employees.

The number of confirmed cases in Gangwon-do was 62, the highest ever, and the shortage of beds is also realizing.

There are currently 68 corona treatment beds, and the living treatment center can accommodate only 7 people.

At the daycare center in Seocho-gu, Seoul, 14 people have been confirmed so far.

Infants under the age of one and teachers who have completed the first vaccination were also included.

In the metropolitan area, the number of confirmed cases is decreasing slightly as the movement volume decreases.

[Lee Ki-il / Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters 1st Controller: The amount of movement in the metropolitan area decreased by 8% compared to the previous week. It has decreased by 12% from two weeks ago, showing a continuous decline trend for three weeks in a row.]

However, due to the summer vacation season and the balloon effect of social distancing, the amount of movement in non-metropolitan areas increases, causing concerns about the spread of infection.

The quarantine authorities have urged residents in the metropolitan area to refrain from long-distance travel and to postpone their vacation until August.

(Video coverage: Kim Min-cheol, video editing: Lee Seung-jin, CG: Han Jeong-woo)

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