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two-year battle for electric vehicle batteries between LG and SK ended with an agreement between the two sides in April. However, the police have continued the investigation separately, and it has been confirmed that the executives and employees involved in the case will be turned over to the prosecution with an opinion of indictment next month.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Han Seong-hee.


In May 2019, LG Energy Solutions sued SK Innovation for stealing electric vehicle battery technology.

About 100 employees transferred to SK, a latecomer, and in the process, they secretly stole key secrets and technology.

A fierce battle of litigation was also held in Korea and the United States, but an agreement was reached in April this year, two years after the US International Trade Commission decided that SK was legally responsible and the US government arbitrated.

SK paid 2 trillion won to LG and decided to drop all domestic and international lawsuits.

LG also dropped the complaint, but the police investigation did not stop.

It is the police's judgment that punishment is inevitable because the charge of leaking confidential information is not a crime of anti-indictment.

There are about 80 people who have been arrested, including all LG employees who stole confidential information in the process of changing jobs, as well as SK employees who ordered it.

The police are known to have secured sufficient evidence of technology theft through four raids and seizures of SK.

In order to solve the technical problem, we established a policy of 'Securing core manpower' for LG, and detailed the battery process technology in the resume of the new employee, and found out that LG's supply price information was also taken out.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's Security Investigation Unit plans to select executives and staff with proven charges from among the 80 or so indictments within the next month and hand them over to the prosecution with an opinion of indictment.

(Video coverage: Kim Nam-seong, video editing: Kim Jong-tae, CG: Jang Seong-beom, Kang Yun-jeong)