A man in his 30s, suspected of inhaling marijuana, was arrested by the police after threatening an elderly taxi driver and passerby with a weapon.

The Gangbuk Police Station in Seoul arrested a 33-year-old man A on charges of special intimidation near Suyu Station in Beon-dong, Seoul at around 5:30 a.m. today (23rd).

The arrested A was on the way to Yangju, Gyeonggi-do by taxi at the time.

Then he suddenly took out his weapon at a taxi driver in his 60s, and after getting out of the taxi, he aimed the weapon at elderly street vendors and passersby.

The police who went to the scene showed that Mr. A, who did not drink alcohol, was gibberish, so he did a simple drug test for narcotics, and it was reported that he came out positive.

Mr. A, who attempted to self-harm, suffered injuries to his wrist, but no one else was injured.

While the police are investigating the exact motive of Mr. A, we plan to request a detailed analysis from the National Forensic Service to confirm whether Mr. A actually took drugs.