A high school friend of former Justice Minister Cho Kuk's daughter testified again in court that she had no memory of seeing her daughter at the 'Seoul National University Academic Conference' in May 2009.

In response, former Minister Cho countered, "The witness's memory was inferred from the data presented by the prosecution."

Seoul Central District Court's Criminal Settlement Division 21-1 Division Chief Judge Ma Seong-young Kim Sang-yeon Kim Sang-yeon Jang Yong-beom held a follow-up trial today (23rd) between former Minister Cho and his wife Jeong Kyung-shim, professor of Dongyang University and conducted a witness examination of Mr.

Park attended a controversial academic conference as a student at Daewon Foreign Language High School at the time. Park's father was also former Minister Cho and an alumnus of Seoul National University Law School, so the two families became very close.

Park appeared as a witness in Professor Jung's first trial last year and testified, "The female student in the video looks like Jo, but she's not Jo."

Park answered "yes" to the prosecutor's question, "Did you not see Mr. Cho on the day of the seminar?"

Former Minister Cho's attorney focused on the fact that Park's memory is not clear since it's been a long time since 2009.

Cho's lawyer argued, "It seems that the facts I remembered from the beginning, the facts I newly remembered while looking at the data during the investigation process, and the facts I guessed are mixed."

Park replied, "It's been more than 10 years, so I don't remember much other than three scenes."

Professor Jeong claimed that Mr. Cho did related internships such as attending seminars, but it was not accepted in the first trial.

(Photo = Yonhap News)