YouTube removed videos of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Wednesday over "misleading information" about the coronavirus.

In a statement, the tech company said it had decided to remove the videos of the right-wing populist president after a "careful review".

"Our rules do not allow content stating that hydroxychloroquine or the drug ivermectin are effective in fighting the coronavirus or preventing corona infection," YouTube wrote in the statement.

The company added that "Bolsonaro's position or political ideology played no part in this."

A Bolsonaro spokesperson declined to comment on questions from





The far-right president has touted the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine several times during the corona pandemic, despite the fact that the drug has never been proven to work.

Bolsonaro also regularly expresses his doubts about the seriousness of the corona virus and abhors corona measures.

At the end of last year, Facebook and Twitter already deleted messages from Bolsonaro because of misleading and potentially dangerous information about the corona virus.