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Secun de la Rosa

(Barcelona, ​​1969) has experienced a thousand and one situations throughout his professional life.


Everything happens to artists,

like in a pharmacy. Things that go well, bad, regular ...", he says ironically.

"And I, who really like to read biographies of actors, I would tell you that I've been through a lot," he stresses.

Now, the penultimate twist in his life is

The Cover

, his first film as a director, which opens

in theaters on July 23


A job that has been a gigantic effort for De la Rosa at all levels.

Àlex Monner and Marina Salas star in the film.

Among other issues, this artist has gone through circumstances such as a filming split in two by confinement, a technical and human challenge ("from which I have learned a lot," he admits) and even passing the Covid with complications (

"I had many positive people to my side when I entered the hospital for the Covid.

There were times when I had a bad time and I felt weak ").

And all, to finally achieve his dream of showing the public

a story "dedicated to guerrilla heroes such

as all those musicians who are looking for life."


Secun de la Rosa has made series (

Paquita Salas


30 coins

), movies (

The other side of the bed


The bar



), as well as countless plays and shorts.

Among others, his great success was to be "Aida's Toni. We made him up for a 2005 episode and

there is no gay from Chueca who has not said 'kill me truck'"


As a result of that role, this Barcelona-born interpreter returned to participate in films and theater projects somewhat more modest than the famous Telecinco series, but very satisfactory for him.

"There I was

grateful to be Secun again and that Toni did not tell me

so much on the street."

Promotional image of the film.


El Cover

, Secun de la Rosa has turned Benidorm, its bars and hotels, into settings for a story in which two young artists (played by

Àlex Monner and Marina Salas

) live an exciting love story while looking for life acting to tourists in hotels and rooms.

At the same time that the viewer contemplates the dreams, failures and small successes of these two singers,

musical successes

of artists as diverse as

Amy Winehouse, Shirley Bassey, Lady Gaga, Manuel Alejandro or Caco Senante sound.

As secondary appear Carolina Yuste, Lander Otaola, María Hervás, Susi Sánchez, Juan Diego and Carmen Machi.


"I've always wanted to direct," says Secun regarding when the idea of ​​filming

El cover

in Benidorm

began to hatch


"I have always sought to be close to the public and tell stories, even from my facet as an actor. Now that I have shot my first film as a director I

wanted to tell how someone tries to get ahead.

The cover

talks about how

we artists are a bit the look of who we have around


Secun de la Rosa with Juan Diego and Marina Salas.

Regarding the characters in

El cover

, Secun de la Rosa explains that they are "imperfect and make a lot of mistakes. And, although a very luminous film has been left, I also

tell what an artist suffers by vocation

". Within those moments of ups and downs that any artist experiences, two sequences should be highlighted in which several characters warn about the

dangers of intolerance and that someone calls you a fag or similar niceties


"Those two moments were longer and I had to cut them short for issues that have to do with the pandemic. But I did want Jorge Calvo's character to say 'before they insulted me as an artist. And now as an artist and a fag,'" recalls De La Rosa, which explains in a very good way her intention when placing those two small acts of bravery in stories: "

It's a shame that times are going backwards and now freedoms are more complicated than before

, when there could be more ignorance or fears ".

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