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A large number of national and international websites can be reached again on Thursday evening, after a worldwide malfunction had previously shut them down.

Sites of the police, NS, Albert Heijn and services of Rabobank and ABN Amro, among others, were not or barely accessible at the beginning of the evening due to the malfunction.

Around 6 p.m., problems arose at many websites, including media, banks and organizations.

DPG Media sites, including those of NU.nl,

de Volkskrant

and many regional titles, were also less accessible than usual.

The websites of Zalando, Funda and Airbnb also had problems.

In addition, many foreign websites were difficult or impossible to reach.

The outage affected FedEx, UPS and Amazon, among others.

The problems were probably caused by a malfunction at the internet company Akamai, which normally ensures that websites are accessible to people worldwide.

The company's status page reports an outage: "We are investigating the issue."

The exact cause is still unknown.

A similar outage occurred at the Fastly company a month ago, which also left many sites unreachable for a while.