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blind interview, he was hired as an executive of an agency affiliated with the Korea Meteorological Administration, and after that, reports came in that he was discriminated against and disadvantaged at work because of his background.

Reporter Kim Min-jung reports the details of the issue being that he was an aide to the opposition lawmaker.


Mr. A, a former aide who lost his job after the United Future Party, a predecessor of the People's Strength, lost his job in the general election in April last year, got a job at the APEC Climate Center under the Korea Meteorological Administration after three months.

It was the position of the head of the management support office, which mainly provided legislative support to the National Assembly.

[Mr. A/Former aide to the National Assembly of the United Future Party: 16 people applied. This is the blind recruitment method. I said that I won 1st place (I told you)]

But when I was elected, the problem was that I was an aide to the opposition party.

It is said that the office of the ruling party of the National Assembly Environment and Labor Committee related to the Meteorological Administration asked the climate center where Mr. A works, considering his employment background and work appropriateness, and the center director then informed Mr. A to refrain from entering the National Assembly.

[APEC Center Director (July 20, 2020): To be honest, we were talking about positions (in the parliamentary room). Now, head of the National Assembly, get rid of the work.]

Mr. A has been excluded from work several times.

[Mr. A/Former aide to the National Assembly of the United Future Party: (at the July Plenary Meeting) I couldn't attend. Don't come, take it. (Even at the general meeting in August) I felt a bit of humiliation of not entering the meeting room and just waiting below.] A

few months later, the Meteorological Administration, a higher organization, even requested a report on the movement within the National Assembly, says Mr. A.

They asked who they were dating, why they were meeting, and whether it was a private appointment.

Regarding this, an aide to the ruling party's secretariat of the Hwan and Labor Party explained this as follows:

[Democratic hwannowi between fact Adviser: Of course the ruling party who, if the aides go on the spot, you twenty thousand and one (the ruling origin) who facilitate the government and the ruling party consultation going on the spot eoulrijyo]

Mr. A is its adviser and meteorology officials He filed a complaint with the prosecution on charges of abuse of power.

[Kim Han-gyu / Former President of Seoul Bar Association: This is a very inappropriate event. (I wonder if it is within the scope of the aide's job authority, or whether this should be dealt with.]

Mr. A, who was complaining of extreme stress, was recently diagnosed with cancer and applied for a leave of absence from the company.

(Video coverage: Kim Se-kyung, Gong Jin-goo, Harung, Choi Dae-woong, video editing: Choi Eun-jin)