• Fastly technology, this is the company that has caused the main web pages of the world to fall

  • Internet Hundreds of websites and digital services, down due to a global server failure

The websites of companies such as

HSBC bank


British Airways







have registered a global interruption of their service this Thursday, without the causes being known for now.

Specifically, people who have tried to access these web pages have encountered DNS or Domain Name System errors, a system that associates information with the domain name, so they have not been able to access the websites in question.

DNS provider


has reported a "service disruption" through its Twitter account.

Subsequently, they have communicated that they have fixed the problem and that they had resumed their operations.

"We will continue to monitor to ensure that the impact has been completely eliminated," he added.

For its part, the Internet outage surveillance platform DownDetector has reported

"thousands" of problems

of its users on popular websites, the BBC has collected, which has listed, among others, the banks Barclays, Lloyds or Halifax;

Steam or streaming services like Channel 4.

It is the second time in two months that there has been a generalized outage of this type.

In June, a Fastly server failure caused the fall of many websites around the world, including media such as 'The New York Times', 'The Guardian' or CNN.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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