Firefighters are outraged by pointing out the unfair inspection of the Fire Department. Yesterday (21st), at a special inspection at a fire station in Jeonju, it was pointed out that the safety equipment was missing, and it turned out that the inspection team that had stopped by the night before confirmed that this equipment was secretly hidden.

Reporter Lee Hyun-jung reports.


Yesterday morning, two fire department inspectors came to a fire station in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province.

I requested to check the equipment, but it was confirmed that the 'wap protection suit' stored in the fire engine was missing.

In summer like these days, we go out to remove beehives more than three or four times a day, but essential safety equipment has disappeared.

However, it was the inspection team that took the protective suit.

The night before, the inspection team secretly entered the garage of the fire station and hid the protective suit.

The fire union protested, saying it was "theft, not inspection."

[Park Hae-geun / Director of Fire Department of the National Civil Service Union: Under the task of inspection, the fire department infiltrates at night, takes clothes and hides them secretly. If something happened at night, our firefighters' lives would run away.]

He said that he would review criminal charges for nighttime trespassing and theft, and insisted that the firefighters' morale was weakened by excessive inspections.

[Kang Yunhwan / Jeonju Wansan Fire Station: There was this content in the inspection contents. 'When I looked inside (air respirator), there was no trace of written inspection.' Have they ever used an air respirator facemask? I really want to ask if they know the details of the inspection or whether they do inspections.] The

Fire Department explained that the inspection was not for disciplinary purposes, but to check the security conditions of the fire station and pay attention to equipment management.

(Video coverage: Kim Se-kyung, video editing: Park Jin-hoon)