What you are seeing now is a graph of the 4th COVID-19 pandemic in Israel and Korea. On the surface, the graph flow is similar, but there is a crucial difference. Among the total confirmed cases, the share of the delta mutation is 99% in Israel and 33.9% in Korea.

In other words, Israel may be at the peak, but we may not be like this. At this point in time, if so, what measures are needed, medical reporter Cho Dong-chan pointed out.


The situation in Israel.

The alpha mutation appeared in August of last year, but it rose slowly and disappeared during the third wave earlier this year.

But the delta mutation has not been out for a while, but it has risen rapidly and is now up to 99%.

So is the United States.

The delta mutation just came out, and it's now soaring to 93%.

According to the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, it takes an average of two months for the delta mutation to rise from 7% to 70%.

Looking at the delta mutation situation in Korea, it is calculated that there is about a month left to reach the peak.

Recent studies have shown that delta mutations multiply faster and more often.

A Chinese study found that the original virus was detected six days after contact with an infected person, whereas the delta mutation took four days.

The faster it multiplies, the faster it infects others.

[Lee Geun-Hwa/Professor of Microbiology at Hanyang University: (Delta mutation) A large amount of virus is produced, and then the incubation period is short, so it has a certain transmission power (which is more than twice that of the existing virus.)]

Delta mutation Its terrifying multiplicity is that it can infect even those who have been vaccinated with just a light touch.

Fortunately, our country has a low mortality rate, but there are also red flags.

There was a 1.95% chance of having gastritis when infected with the alpha mutation, compared to 3.7% with the delta mutation, nearly doubling.

The delta mutation results in a higher rate of severe cases even though there are more healthy young people infected.

It's important to get vaccinated children, adolescents, and young people in their 20's and 30's who have missed the vaccine, quickly and again, before the delta mutation peaks.

(Video coverage: Kim Seong-il, video editing: Jeon Min-gyu, CG: Jeong Hyeon-jeong, Lee Ah-reum, Han Jeong-woo)  

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