Three men were caught red-handed on Tuesday in a holiday home in the province of Groningen when they were engaged in spoofing, the police reported on Wednesday.

Officers raided the home while the suspects were on the phone with a victim.

Spoofing is a form of fraud in which criminals take money from people by impersonating a bank employee in text, instant messages or over the phone.

The police also refer to this form of crime as bank help desk fraud.

Agents arrested an eighteen-year-old man from Eelderwolde, among others.

He is not only suspected of spoofing, but is also alleged to have been guilty of illegally taking over SIM cards, also known as sim swapping.

In addition, he would have laundered money and bought phishing panels.

This allows criminals to view victims' bank details.

They can then log into the victim's real website to loot bank accounts.

Two men aged 25 and 28 from Assen were also arrested at the holiday home on Tuesday.

A fourth person was arrested at Schiphol on Wednesday morning.

It concerns a seventeen-year-old boy from Groningen.

These three men are suspected of involvement in bank help desk fraud.

Police do not rule out the possibility of more suspects being arrested.