Game publisher Konami is breaking new ground with its



Pro Evolution Soccer




The football game is now called


, can be played for free and is only available as a digital download.

The game will be available in the fall of this year on various Xbox and PlayStation consoles, PC and smartphones.

Nothing is known about the Nintendo Switch at the moment.

Konami writes that

eFootball works

with the free-to-play principle.

This means that in principle everyone can play for free, but that money is charged for certain parts.

The publisher says it offers "a fair and balanced experience for everyone", although it is not known exactly for which parts the wallet should be drawn.

It is clear that newly added game modes will cost money.

There are not many details about the game yet.

In any case, Konami writes about a newly developed technology called Motion Matching, which allows players to move more realistically in the game.


will also


support for cross-platform competitions.

That means that people with a PlayStation can also play against players on the PC or Xbox.