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were over 1,700 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, the highest number ever. In particular, as the spread of non-metropolitan areas continues, the number of areas where the quarantine level has been upgraded is rapidly increasing, with Busan also announcing the 3rd stage of social distancing following Daejeon.

The first news, Reporter Ahn Sang-woo.

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are 1,784 new confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Excluding 58 cases imported from overseas, 1,726 cases were domestic infections.

By region, there were 1,175 confirmed cases in Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Incheon alone.

An additional 551 people were also infected in non-metropolitan areas, including 100 in Busan and 86 in Gyeongnam.

The number of confirmed cases in non-metropolitan areas has steadily increased, soaring to 30% of domestic infections in the past week.

The problem is that the spread of the virus could worsen if the movement between regions increases further during the holiday season.

[Kim Bu-gyeom / Prime Minister: The end of July and early August, when vacations are concentrated, are expected to be the biggest turning point of this fashion. For this time, please take a “safe vacation” where you rest a distance from each other rather than “a vacation together.”

Accordingly, each local government has taken measures to strengthen quarantine.

Busan is raising the distance from today (21st) to three levels as mass infections centered on entertainment bars and schools spread throughout everyday life.

Gyeongnam Changwon, Tongyeong, and Jinju cities were also raised to level 3 yesterday, and Daejeon will be raised to level 3 starting tomorrow.

In addition, from tomorrow to the 1st of the next month, the authorities have decided to ban all indoor and outdoor performances in non-metropolitan areas other than the registered performance halls, that is, in exhibition halls or gymnasiums.

The Cheonghae Unit-related confirmed cases will be included in the government's confirmed cases starting tomorrow.