“Despite the political whirlwinds, all the sanctions that make normal cooperation impossible, it became known yesterday that Roscosmos received permission to export a new RD-181M engine to the United States.

The US government has approved the conclusion of a contract between NPO Energomash (part of the Roscosmos State Corporation) and the American company Orbital Science LLS, ”he wrote in Telegram.

According to him, this means that there will be new deliveries of engines and new launches of "American missiles with Russian" hearts. "

Ustimenko expressed the opinion that in this agreement there is hope for a possible normalization of relations, where business and efficiency will play a more important role than "momentary decisions that have nothing to do with space exploration."

“In the meantime, it remains only to wish success to NPO Energomash, which creates such amazing“ works of motional art, ”he said.

As recalled in Roskosmos, RD-181s have been supplied to the United States since 2015.

With their help, the American Antares launch vehicle delivers cargo to the ISS.

The new RD-181M engine represents the next stage in the development of the RD-181.

In November 2020, it was reported that in 2022 Russia will release new RD-182 and RD-120MS engines for promising Russian and foreign space rockets.