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Office of Crime Investigation for Senior Officials has launched a search and seizure of Lee Kwang-cheol, secretary for civil affairs, and the office of the Blue House. Investigations are accelerating in connection with the allegation of falsely prepared and disseminated the interview report of Yoon Jung-cheon, who was involved in the sexual service of the villa.

Correspondent Hong Young-jae.

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so-called Blue House planning affairs allegation that it intentionally raised the suspicion of Kim Hak's sexual favors when the wave of the Burning Sun incident went to the Blue House last year.

Lee Kwang-cheol, secretary for civil affairs and Lee Kyu-won, a prosecutor, are on the investigation line on allegations that he had prepared and leaked the interview report of Yoon Jung-cheon, a party to sexual favors.

First, while the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office was conducting an investigation and stopped at the beginning of this month when the prosecution's appointment was announced, the Airborne Service, which is investigating the same content, conducted a search and seizure of Lee Kwang-cheol's house and the Blue House office today (20th).

The Airborne Service has finished the search and seizure of the secretary's home, but the Blue House office said it would resume tomorrow.

The Blue House said that it would cooperate with the search and seizure through a voluntary submission method, but explained that today the secretary could not open the work computer because the secretary was not in the office.

The Airborne Service has been active recently, including a search and seizure of the office where the investigator who was involved in the preparation of the interview report at the time works, on the 8th.

There is also an analysis that the Airborne Service, which has been criticized for not having a clear track record since its launch, is speeding up the investigation.

However, some say that it remains to be seen whether the investigation conclusion can be reached as quickly as the current rate of investigation due to the shortage of investigative personnel.

The prosecution has already handed over the charge of illegally blocking Kim Hak's departure from Deputy Minister Kim Hak in 2019.

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