Today (20th) in Jeonju, there was an accident in which a passenger car collided with a large truck that was making an illegal left turn.

Four teenagers in the car were killed and one seriously injured.

This is JTV reporter Lee Jung-min.


Around 4 am today, a six-lane road in Sansan-dong, Jeonju.

A 14t truck with hazard lights turned left across the road.

Shortly thereafter, a car driving straight ahead collided with the right rear side of the truck.

The truck swings up and down and is pushed forward.

There were five teenagers, aged 18 to 19, in the car, and four people including the driver died and one person was seriously injured and is being treated at the hospital.

The car was in the name of the deceased driver's family.

The deceased driver was confirmed to have a driver's license.

This is the road where the accident happened.

It is a six-lane round-trip road, and it is a section where left turns are not allowed.

Police believe that the accident occurred because the car did not find the truck making an illegal left turn.

[Kim Myung-gyeom / Jeonbuk National Police Agency Traffic Investigation Division: First of all, it is a matter of many casualties. From there, the law will be strictly applied to the part where the left turn is illegally violated.] The

police have urgently arrested the truck driver and are planning to apply for an arrest warrant.

It was confirmed that the truck driver did not drink alcohol.

Police decided to investigate the speed of the car at the time of the accident.

(Video coverage: Yoo Ji-young JTV)