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'God still has 12 ships left.' A banner adapted from Admiral Yi Sun-sin's quote was hung in our Tokyo Olympic Athletes' Village.

However, when the Japanese protested, the IOC removed the banner, promising to ban the use of Japan's Rising Sun flag for cheering, but I've seen many articles stating that the Japanese side doesn't seem to have any intention of doing so.

When a Japanese far-right group grabbed the banner of our team, the IOC demanded its removal, arguing that it violated Article 50, Paragraph 2 of the Olympic Charter.

Instead, they promised to apply the same provisions to the rising sun flag, a symbol of Japanese militarism, but the Japanese side is saying otherwise.

According to the Asahi Shimbun, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee argued that "the design of the Rising Sun flag does not have a political message" and that "it does not fall under prohibited items from being brought into the stadium."

They argued that the concessions of our delegation had nothing to do with Japan. The Japanese side previously marked Dokdo as Japanese territory on the Olympic website and criticized the preparation of our delegation's lunchbox as an act of trampling on the hearts of Fukushima residents .

(Article Source: TV Chosun)

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you may be planning a trip to Mt. Seorak during the holiday season, but I was very interested in an article that Seoraksan's famous Osaek Mineral has been out for over a month.

Five Saek Mineral Water is located at the mouth of Seoraksan Mountain in Yangyang, Gangwon Province. As Natural Monument No. 529, it is famous for its tangy taste due to its high iron content and carbonic acid content.

But now, the bedrock from which the mineral water springs is almost dry, with the bottom exposed.

The water started to decrease from the end of May and has not come out at all since last month. Residents suspect that the dry mineral water is due to a nearby hotel.

This is because the amount of water intake increased as the hotel recently added carbonated hot springs.

A similar incident occurred 20 years ago, and Yangyang-gun and the hotel filed a lawsuit, but the cause was still unknown at the time.

According to residents' opinions, the hotel temporarily reduced the use of hot spring water to below the level before the expansion, but Yangyang-gun is reviewing a plan to develop a second mineral spring in case there is no mineral water despite these measures.

(Screen source: YTN)