There is a change in the air for emojis, at least on Windows.

Microsoft has just announced its wish to offer a complete overhaul to the emojis present on its various operating systems, software and applications.

It will thus make them pass from 2D to 3D, but it is also question of the big return of Clippy, the small Windows assistant in the shape of a paperclip.

In addition to moving to 3D, the emojis will also gain color.

The first glimpses indeed reveal much more colorful and jovial illustrations.

Note also that the trombone has been replaced by good old Clippy.

To support the arrival of Windows 11

In total, more than 1,800 new emojis are about to land in the various Microsoft services (Teams, Word, Excel, etc.).

Nine hundred of them will also be featured in products dedicated to the world of work.

Microsoft is indeed seeking to "rethink the graphic expressions of professionalism".

Good news for users of Windows and the various software of the American publisher.

The last update to the tastes of emojis on Windows dates back to 2016.

Difficult not to see in this announcement a link with Windows 11. Microsoft has indeed indicated that the new version of the emojis will arrive by "the holiday season", the release window also mentioned for its new operating system.


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