Last month, I told you about a case of a woman who claimed damage from a medical accident while reporting about a medical dispute related to companion animals was sued by a veterinary hospital. After our report went out, the veterinary hospital staff exposed what happened here.

Reporter Lee Hyun-jung reports.

<Reporter> At

a veterinary hospital in Songpa-gu, Seoul, Mr. A worked as an assistant to a veterinarian.

After witnessing the reality of the hospital for over a year and a half, I gained courage after suffering from remorse.

[Mr. A: I was always thinking like that because I thought, 'Oh, this isn't a little bit. Then, by chance, I came across the SNS of another person, the guardian (claiming for a medical accident). I thought it was necessary to inform you about this (I came to report it).] This

is a notice posted in the hospital group chat room last month.

This is a message to be careful as there was an accident in which the sap was incorrectly placed on a dog named 'Dungi'.

[Mr. A: (Dungi) died 3 days later, so I don't know if this is directly related to death. But if you get the sap at a high rate, the fatality rate is very high. The fact that the night supervisor didn't see this, maybe this too was neglect.]

Accidents were common, and it was said that he was quiet each time.

[Mr. A: Some children have taken Metro (antibiotics) all day long. I've seen cases where this child's injection dose was adjusted to other children. Parents also have an obligation to know, but they didn't tell me so I didn't know at all.]

The night situation was even worse.

The dog continues to vomit blood, but the doctor gives him one glance and lays down again to sleep.

[Mr. A: Manager, Byeol is this again (vomited blood). (I will.) Yes? (I would.) Yes. Now this is the fourth. (Okay.)]

[Mr. A: Please look at the status of the star just once. It's okay? (I'm alive.)]

[Mr. A: 'Tell me if you do (blood and vomit) one more time.' So, the fourth time I vomited, I told him, 'I will.' There were a few emergency children, so I wanted to go home now, and I was anxious alone.] There were

even cases where they charged for euthanasia after injecting an animal that had already died.

[Mr. A: After the child died, I gave him an injection for euthanasia. I paid for CPR and euthanasia. 40-50 million won in total. (This fact) I also informed the CEO, but the director just didn't answer.]

I had to suffer from heartburn all the time I was working at the hospital, but from the point of view of raising a dog, it is said that the attitude toward sick animals and their guardians was difficult to bear anymore.

[Mr. A: I think they see their guardians only as money. If you bring an expensive car, you will be inspected and charged. Regarding the guardians who bring a light car, 'Try to recommend it. But it won't be because it's expensive'. When the parents first brought the child to the secondary hospital, they brought it in to save the child somehow.]

The head of the hospital said, "The veterinarian dealt with the speed of infusion at their discretion." It was to the extent that there was blood, but further treatment was unreasonable."

He also explained, "I do not know about the rest of the allegations such as euthanasia."

(Video coverage: Ha Ryung, video editing: Jeon Min-gyu, CG:     Ryu Sang-soo, Lee Ah-reum)

▶ "Animals, not objects"... Legal status granted, punishment likely to be severe