While the 'fourth pandemic' of Corona 19 in Korea continues, the number of new confirmed cases today (16th) recorded 1,500.

The Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters announced that as of 00:00 today, there were 1,536 new confirmed cases, bringing the total to 175,46.

It went up to 1,600, down 64 from yesterday (1,600), and fell to 1,500 after two days.

The number of confirmed cases is the third largest since the COVID-19 outbreak in Korea.

The number of new confirmed cases has been in the four digits for 10 consecutive days since the 7th (1,212 people).

The route of infection of today's new confirmed cases is 1,476 local and 60 imported.

The 4th pandemic, which started in earnest in the metropolitan area this month, is gradually spreading to non-metropolitan areas.

From the 10th to today, the number of new confirmed cases in the past week is 1,378 → 1,324 → 1,100 → 1,150 → 1,615 → 1,600 → 1,536 per day. .

During this period, 1,100, 1,300, and 1,600 people are each twice, and 1,500 people are one.

(Photo = Yonhap News)