As the 'fourth pandemic' of COVID-19 in Korea continues to spread, 1,600 new large-scale new confirmed cases have been poured out all over the country again.

The Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters announced that as of 00:00 on the 15th, the number of new confirmed cases increased by 1,600, and the total was 173,511.

The number decreased by 15 from yesterday (1,615 people), which set the record for the most since the Corona 19 incident in Korea, but continued at 1,600 for two days in a row.

The number of confirmed cases itself is the second largest.

The number of new confirmed cases has been in the four digits for the ninth consecutive day since the 7th (1,212 people).

Today, the route of infection of the new confirmed cases is 1,555 local cases and 45 cases imported from abroad.

The number of local confirmed cases recorded 1,500 for two days in a row following yesterday (1,568).

In particular, following the metropolitan area, the spread of non-metropolitan areas is getting stronger.

The 4th pandemic, which started in earnest in the metropolitan area this month, is spreading at a frightening pace every day.

From the 9th to today, 1,316 → 1,378 → 1,324 → 1,100 → 1,150 → 1,615 → 1,600 new confirmed cases per day for the past week It showed at least 1,100 people per day throughout the week.

The number of days when the record was broken since the 4th pandemic has been four times, including the last 8-10 days and 14 days.