Microsoft has announced Windows 365, a business service that allows its computer operating systems Windows 10 and 11 to run in the cloud, from Microsoft servers.

This also makes the systems available for phones, tablets and other devices.

Microsoft announced the service on Wednesday at its own event.

The company describes Windows 365 as a cloud PC, allowing you to stream apps and documents on any device.

This can be used, for example, if employees want to log in from their home computer to the PC at the office.

Windows 365 works via the web browser, but can also be used via Microsoft's Remote Desktop app.

Users can immediately resume what they were doing after booting from the cloud PC on any device, the company says.

The service will be available to businesses on August 2.

They will have to pay a monthly fee per user for this.

Prices will be announced just before the release of the cloud PC.

There will be different versions of Windows 365. Companies can choose how much storage and working memory they want to take.