Pfizer's vaccine will be used primarily for immunization against COVID-19 for children under 49 years of age, which will begin in mid-to-late August.

In addition, the “five reservation system” will be reviewed to prevent reservation delays and congestion caused by crowds of applicants on the start date of vaccination reservations.

Jung Eun-kyung, head of the COVID-19 Vaccination Response Promotion Center, said at a briefing today (14th), "People in their 40s and younger will be vaccinated with Moderna or Pfizer, but Pfizer will be the main focus since the Pfizer vaccine will be introduced from the end of July to August. We are trying to use Moderna together.

Regarding the reservation method, Director Jeong said, "The population subject to vaccination under the age of 40 is about 22 million, and it is a large number even if those who have already been vaccinated are excluded. " explained.

He added, "We will adjust the reservation so that there is no difficulty in reservation through the 'five sub-system' or other reservation distribution methods introduced at the time of mask sale.