Self-employed people who could not operate properly due to the 4th pandemic came out to the streets. A late-night vehicle protest was held in downtown Seoul, demanding the withdrawal of the 4th level of distancing in the metropolitan area, and a clash with the police who banned the assembly for reasons of quarantine continued.

Correspondent Kim Sang-min.

<Reporter> The

police, trying to block the rally, have set up checkpoints in about 20 places, including Yeouido and Gwanghwamun, where demonstrations are scheduled.

[Today's inspection and search related to the self-employed assembly. Where is your destination?] The

parking lot on the Han River in front of the National Assembly

, where the

press conference was held, was completely blocked from entry, and the area around the self-employed broadcasting vehicle surrounded by the task force became a mess, even with reporters.

[This is an illegal assembly, is it? There are people here, why are you blocking them like this!]

At the press conference that just started, the self-employed people burst out in anger.

[Kim Ki-hong/CEO of Self-Employed Self-Employed: How long do you believe that Corona will end by closing our doors? I begged the government for 1 year and 6 months to save me... .] The

self-employed later drove slow and held a vehicle demonstration near Daehangno, Seoul.

[Nearby citizen: There is no conclusion, but I wonder if it would be like that. It just hurts my heart.] It's

past midnight, but the self-employed cars still turn on their hazard lights and continue their march.

When the police started controlling the assembly because it was an unreported assembly, voices erupted from everywhere again.

[Protester: (Controlling vehicle protests) I can't help but think that this is not the case. I have a child and I want to make a living, but today's sales are 0 won.] The

police defined this march, which the organizers estimated, attended by hundreds of vehicles, as an 'illegal protest' and foretold strict response.