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been recent sexual harassment cases not only in the military but also in the police, but this time, it was revealed that a professor at an education center teaching the Coast Guard sexually harassed a trainee who was about to be appointed.

This is the exclusive report by KBC reporter Lee Hyung-gil.


Last March, at the Yeosu Coast Guard Education Center, a professor in his 50s, a police officer, called a new female police officer trainee to his lab.

The professor, lying on a mat in the laboratory, ordered the trainees to massage all over his body.

It wasn't enough, so they asked me to put a paste on the inside of the clothes.

The reason was that the trainee injured himself during the practice of proximity suppression the day before.

The professor in question is a current Coast Guard officer and has been training new cops at the training center for 3 years.

The victim trainee was undergoing six-month training camp, which was mandatory before being hired by the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard Education Center said it was aware of the facts and immediately dismissed the professor.

The victim said that he did not seek criminal punishment because he did not want to, and the self-discipline decided a month later was suspended for only one month.

[Official Officer of Coast Guard Education Center: External personnel also participated and gave a severe disciplinary action of January suspension.] The

disciplinary committee cited the reason that "it is an act that lacks adult sensitivity and requires severe disciplinary action, but a similar problem has never been raised before." known.

The officer has now completed one month of suspension and is returning to work as a current Coast Guard in another area.

The reporters contacted the officer several times to hear the position, but there was no response.

(Video coverage: Choi Bok-soo KBC)