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of the night of last night (13th), the number of new corona patients already exceeded 1,440, exceeding the all-time high. Today, it is expected to be up to 1,600 people. The number of confirmed cases is also increasing in non-metropolitan areas.

Reporter Kwon Ran reports.

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result of the tally of the quarantine authorities, the number of new corona19 confirmed cases from 00:00 to 9pm yesterday was 1,440.

This surpassed the record 1,378 on the 10th, the highest number since the outbreak of Corona 19 in Korea in three days.

By 9 pm, the number of new confirmed cases in Seoul was tentatively counted at 613, surpassing the previous record of 583.

As the number of tests decreased over the weekend, the effect of reducing the number of confirmed cases disappeared, and it seems to have risen sharply again.

Accordingly, the number of new confirmed cases to be announced as of 00:00 today is expected to reach 1,500.

In the midst of this, the spread of non-metropolitan areas is also not unusual.

The number of confirmed cases in the metropolitan area, which soared to 994 last week, fell to the 700 level for two days in a row, but the proportion in non-metropolitan areas has risen for five consecutive days and is close to 30%.

[Kim Hee-gyeom / Head of Disaster Safety Management Division, Ministry of Public Administration and Security: Non-metropolitan areas are also very concerned. We ask that you actively implement preemptive quarantine measures such as strengthening testing for symptomatic patients.]

The quarantine authorities are planning to announce regional distancing steps and restrictions on private gatherings in non-metropolitan areas.