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older brother accused of killing his 30-year-old brother with intellectual disability has been handed over to the prosecution.

The older brother still denies the crime, but we have additionally secured a video containing the last action of the younger brother at the time he was reported to have disappeared.

Reporter Han Seong-hee reports exclusively.


Lee's older brother reported missing on the morning of the 28th, saying he lost contact with his younger brother.

My brother with an intellectual disability said he was going to the cinema and couldn't contact him after he went out.

However, the reporters secured additional video and testimonials to prove his brother's false statements.

At the time he said he went missing, Mr. Lee enters the local mart.

After choosing two pickled radishes, I got help from the staff and went out, but they said that I had an errand.

[Mart owner: I always write a note and bring it with me when errands come. They said 'two pickled radishes' were written on it. My brother told me to buy something... .]

He was not alone in his false statements and suspicious acts.

The CCTV footage showed him taking his brother to the riverside while changing cars, and sleeping pills were detected in his brother's body, which was found dead in the Han River.

Before the crime was discovered, he actively informed the people around that his brother was missing.

[Mr A/Hyung's friend: (Hyung's) I got a call, but I heard that the younger brother is gone. 'If you go around and see ○○, please contact me'.]

[Mr B/hyung acquaintance: (Brother) They say that the cell phone turns off and on. (So) Search hard and fast... .] The

police sent my older brother to the prosecution today (9th) for murder.

The brother's acquaintances responded that it was still difficult to believe that his brother died.

[C/Hyung Friend: My brother is so pitiful and sad, really. To my brother who is not well... .]

Mr. Lee, who died, had an intellectual disability, but was always bright.

[C/Hyung Friend: My brother rides a bicycle every day and sings hymns. Knowing your face, you greet each other like 'Hello hyung'... .]

Four years ago, my brother's parents, who were in their 60s, died in one day.

The police consider the inheritance of about 4 billion won left by their parents as a strong motive for the crime, but they are reviewing the data to see if there are any doubts about the death of the parents.

(Video coverage: Kim Nam-seong, video editing: Park Jin-hoon, VJ: Kim Jong-gap)