Thomas Pesquet's logbook: going out into space

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Thomas Pesquet has been on board the International Space Station since April 24, 2021. © RFI / France24

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Thomas Pesquet joined the International Space Station on April 24.

There he began his second six-month stay in space: the Alpha mission.

What is his daily life aboard the ISS?

What are the astronauts doing on board?

Every month, the European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut will share his daily life with us in a video logbook.

“Thomas Pesquet's logbook”, presented by Simon Rozé (RFI) and Benoît Perrochais (France 24).


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The last few weeks have been busy aboard the ISS.

The astronauts had, in fact, had to install two new solar panels.

To achieve this, three spacewalks were necessary.

The American Shane Kimbrough and the French Thomas Pesquet took care of it.

An extra-vehicular outing is always a special moment in a space mission, very spectacular for astronauts, but also very demanding.

Thomas Pesquet looks back on this experience for the second page of his logbook.


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