The new version of Windows presented Thursday evening by Microsoft promises many changes.

The computer giant has not hesitated to completely review its position on a whole series of subjects, and in particular with regard to its policy on its application store.

Microsoft has also announced the disappearance of many features.

Let's take a look back at these great absences from Windows 11.

Cortana, the virtual assistant

This is only a half-surprise, since Microsoft had already retired its assistant on several other platforms.

Cortana, Siri's rival, has never managed to win the hearts of users.

This was without a doubt one of the least used features of Windows.

Its complete withdrawal from the Windows ecosystem is therefore hardly surprising in itself.

Unfortunately for the few users who found it useful, Cortana will not be replaced by another digital assistant.


Another notorious disappearance: live-tiles or “animated tiles”, these small animated squares that the user could customize in the Windows menu to create shortcuts to contacts, applications or documents.

With Windows 11, Microsoft will return to a much more sober menu.

The “animated tiles” will be replaced by a new pane which will integrate widgets, which the user can display by “swiping” from left to right on his screen.

The tiles first appeared with Windows 8 and were initially intended to replace the Windows interface on tablets and touch devices.


No, Skype will not disappear completely with Windows 11. Mail service will continue to exist, but the application will no longer be pre-installed in the system and will be replaced there by Microsoft Teams.

Logical, given the popularity of the software.

Teams is now also accessible to everyone and is no longer a tool reserved only for professionals.

Those who wish can, however, redownload the application from the Windows Store.

His days, however, seem numbered.

Paint 3D

This was one of the star features of Windows 10. Paint 3D was a handy tool for designing 3D models and drawings.

The tool was intended for the general public and particularly relied on the success of 3D printing.

However, the sector has not taken off.

As a result, Paint 3D will no longer be integrated into Windows.

However, the software can always be retrieved separately.


Much more surprising, however, is Microsoft's decision to remove OneNote from Windows 11. The note-taking application, integrated into Office, remains widely used.

Obviously, however, Microsoft plans to put it on the sidelines.

The good news is that the software will still be available for download from the Microsoft Store.


As previously announced, Microsoft is definitely burying Cortana on smartphones


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