Despite the police blockade of the assembly, the National Confederation of Trade Unions occupied the road and held a surprise rally in Jongno, Seoul.

The KCTU was scheduled to hold a rally today (the 3rd) in Yeouido and Gwanghwamun, but when it became difficult to hold the rally due to the police blockade, the place was urgently changed and union members gathered in Jongno at 2 pm.

The subway lines 1, 3, and 5 passed through Jongno 3-ga Station without stopping at around 1:50 pm, but the KCTU union members who had already arrived came down to the road and held a rally.

According to the KCTU's own estimate, 8,000 union members attended and started marching from Jongno 3-ga Station to Jongno 2-ga.

Union members chanted slogans such as 'Abolish irregular workers', 'Stop restructuring' and 'Raise the minimum wage'.

Most of them were wearing masks, and the moderator asked, "Do not stick too tightly," but the distance was not sufficiently observed.

The Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) occupied 4 to 6 cars by car between Jongno 2-ga and Jongno 3-ga, and held the National Workers' Congress.

There have been no clashes with the police yet.