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older brother reported the disappearance of my brother with an intellectual disability.

So the police launched a search, and my brother was found dead near the Han River, far from the house.

The police found suspicious points in the actions of the older brother who reported it, and urgently arrested the older brother.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Kim Sang-min.


At around 2:50 a.m. on the 28th of last month, a man in his early 40s living in Jung-gu, Seoul called the police.

The 38-year-old brother who lives with him said he went to the cinema and left the house and has not returned.

My younger brother, who is a grade 2 intellectual disability, said that he was slurred and explained how he was impressed.

A said to the police officer who was dispatched after receiving the report, "I had the last phone call with my brother who left around 3 pm yesterday and the contact was cut off at 7 pm."

The police started to check the whereabouts of brother B, but suspicious things were revealed one after another.

Mr. A said that his brother rode a bicycle, and the bicycle was found near the entrance of Euljiro, quite far from the cinema.

Even when checking the CCTV video, the brother's statement was inconsistent.

He hadn't seen his brother since the afternoon of the previous day, and the two were caught together in the evening.

Mr. A rode his brother in his car and moved to another vehicle.

The police confirmed this suspicious situation and urgently arrested Mr. A on charges of confinement.

The brother's car stopped near Wangsukcheon Waterfront Park in Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do.

However, the next afternoon, brother B was found dead.

It was the northern end of Gangdongdaegyo Bridge in Seoul, about 1km away from Wangsukcheon Stream, where the vehicle stopped.

The police first changed the charge applied to Mr. A from 'confinement' to 'given' and applied for an arrest warrant.

Mr. A did not answer any questions from reporters at the warrant substantive examination held today (2nd).

[Brother A: (Why did you and your brother go to Wangsukcheon? The report of the disappearance is different from the actual facts, so the police are investigating.... Why did you change cars in Yongsan?) … … .] The

police are interrogating Mr. A about the cause of his brother B's death.

(Video coverage: Kim Nam-seong, Video editing: Kim Jong-tae, VJ: Lee Jun-young)