A college student in his 20s caused outrage by revealing the fact that he had been illegally filmed by the father of a friend of 10 years.

Yesterday (30th), an article titled 'I was hidden by my friend's dad' was posted on an online community.

The author, who introduced himself as a college student in his 20s living in a rural area, said, "At the time, my hands were so trembling and I couldn't think of anything, but I am writing this for the public interest to mean that you should also be careful about hidden cameras."

The author, who had been friends with a friend he met in middle school for 10 years, said that he also became close with his friend's father.

The author explained, "He (my friend's father) called me a foster daughter and really loved me like a daughter. On my birthday, he bought me clothes and had a birthday party with me. I also made them for Mother's Day and birthdays."

The author, who often slept and played for a day or two at a friend's house, was staying at a friend's house even in mid-June when the incident occurred.

However, while taking a shower in the evening, he said he found a suspicious 'car key' in the bathroom.

He explained, "I am a person with a first-class driver's license and I know what a car key looks like. But something was strange," he said. "When I pressed the button, it clicked and clicked like a toy."

The author, who did an internet search out of curiosity, said that he found out that a 'microscopic hidden camera' that looked the same as the car key was being sold.

When I removed the car key as instructed on the product detail page, there was actually an SD card and a charging port inside.

The author, who returned the car key to the original place and left the friend's house with only the SD card, said that he found not only illegal footage of himself appearing, but also a video of his friend's father setting the screen composition for the shower tub.

He said, "Currently, I have made a report and received a confession from that person. They keep making excuses for friends and asking me to look at them just once." "I still get goosebumps how a father with a daughter can do such a thing. On the contrary, his daughter Can I tell you to forgive me even if I get hurt?" he said.

The writer cut off ties with a friend of 10 years after this incident, but the friend's father contacted him to "delay the report" and said that he even conciliated by saying that he would give the writer 300,000 won a month in pocket money to the writer whose family circumstances were not good. I lost.

Netizens commented, "If I hadn't been able to find an ultra-compact camera, I would have suffered a bigger problem", "Thank you for your courage in writing and I hope the punishment will be fair", "It's scary that such a camera, which was likely to be used for illegal filming, is casually distributed." were angered together.

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(Photo = online community capture)